Sawadee and Welcome!

We are celebrating our tenth year in Long Beach! Ten great years and we thank you for our success. We are still committed to the same high quality, fresh ingredients, and distinctive Thai flavors.

Do you like Thai food? We love it so we focus on the basics: the healthiest, highest quality, freshest and best tasting Thai food possible. We know that you have a choice and thank you for choosing us. Let us know what you think.

About Thai food

Thai food is hotter than hot; or medium, or mild. We make it to order so if you want your food hot or extra hot let us know, if you want it very, very mild, or with no cilantro, extra sour, or `well done,' just tell us. What ever you want, as long as it is possible, it's yours.

One note about hotness. "Mild," "Medium," and "Hot" are relative terms and each hold a wide range of meaning to different people. We make each dish mild, medium or hot based upon what we think is a reasonable progression from very mild to very hot. We are not afraid to make the food hot (when you order it that way), so be careful!

How do you eat it?

The menu has many entrees allowing you to be flexible and creative. Thais traditionally order a variety of different dishes, a soup, an appetizer, maybe a curry dish, a vegetable dish, and rice, for example, and everyone enjoys some of each dish (called "Thai Style" or "Chinese Style" dining). We also have fifteen lunch combinations served until 3 p.m. and three dinner combinations served all the time.

Keep us in mind for exotic, unforgettable catering for all occasions, large and small, office parties, delivery and take-out orders. Full service catering with exhibition cooking is available.

Thank you for dining with us. We hope to see you again soon.

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