Meet Chef Thaworn Nuklib-Anderson

Chef Thaworn was born and raised in the small fishing village of Thap-Sake, in Prachuapkirikhan province, Thailand. The family owned and operated a fleet of fishing boats , made fish sauce, and grew coconuts. Thap-Sake is famous for their fine coconuts and the restaurant uses coconut milk produced in Thap-Sake. The rich red soil and tropical setting produces an abundance of delicious, exotic fruit and vegetables. Everything from scorching hot Thai pik-kee-nu chilies to ultra flavorful pineapple and bananas, it's all there. With long sunny days and tropical rains this abundance is harvested year round. Papaya and other tropical fruit grow wild and delicate orchids thrive in the nearby teak forests gracing the mountain border between Thailand and Burma (just one or two kilometers away). 

Thaworn's uncle was a true gourmet and Thaworn would often accompany him on trips to the markets, and farms and even out into the jungle to collect exotic mushrooms, wild vegetables, herbs and spices. Thaworn's family home was right on the beach facing the Gulf of Thailand (with a large fresh water stream a little behind the house). Wonderful fish, crab, giant squid, and many varieties of shellfish were always on the table. 

Thaworn came to the United States in 1979 and apprenticed under another  uncle who had opened one of the first Thai restaurants in this country.  During that time Eraworn was a favorite of many top actors and actresses who were fond of visiting the kitchen and seeing how things are done.  Later,  Thaworn polished her craft in some of the top Thai restaurants in Los Angeles, including the highly regarded Chao Praya restaurant in Hollywood, Vim in L. A.,  and Thailandia in Burbank, California. 

Thaworn and her husband Robert Anderson opened a small restaurant in Burbank but it was lost to redevelopment after a few short years. The finally settled on Long Beach after many visits to their long time family friend Ken Wood. Ken made it possible for them to open a restaurant on Anaheim Street in Long Beach in 1987. The restaurant was later moved to it's present location at 2109 East Broadway, in Long Beach. The restaurant is just a short stroll from the sandy beach.  Though thousands of miles from Thap-Sake, Long Beach's wonderful people and independent style has made it the perfect home for this child of the sea.   



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